now that's a phinish!

Our Committment to Quality

We use a combination of different materials and cleaning supplies to make our customer's cars as clean as possible, and our customers as satisfied as possible.
  • For the exterior wash we either use Gold Series™, or Armor All® car wash.
  • For interior leather we use Armor All® Protectant and occasionally water, for when it is needed.
  • Interior carpet shampoo is done with steam cleaner carpet shampoo.
  • For windows cleaned and polished we use Windex® or a special cleaner when neccessary.
  • We use Wet N' Black™ polish spray for blackening, protecting and polishing tires.
  • For exterior waxes we use 100% Turtle Wax®
We, the employees, wanted to begin detailling for many reasons. It not only is a useful skill, but one of our main motivations is to raise money for college. All of the employees of pHILLIPS pHINISH are trained in all of the skills of using everything listed above and much more.

Employees trained by past professional detailer Jim Garner.

We strive to be the best in the business but don't take our word for it, listen to our customers:

"It looks brand spankin' new!"
-- Samuel J Otis
"Our 30 year old Mercedes has never looked so good."
-- James Otho
"Great job for a great price"
-- Tina Taylor
"The 20 year old Jaguar looks like new!"
-- Don Jacobs
"I can hardly wait to bring my car back! These guys are great!"
-- Pam Bowe
-- Andrew McKibben
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